Low Carb Deep Fried Apple Pie


These low carb apple pie pockets are a sweet treat fresh or on the go. 

With only 5g of net carbs per serving, these are also considered keto apple pie! 

Nutrition for 1 apple pie (9 servings):

Calories: 108

Protein: 1g

Carbs: 8g

Fiber: 3g

Net carbs: 5g

Sugar: 2g

Fat: 8g

*for simplicity’s sake, zero calorie erythritol ingredients were not included in this caloric count as it does not affect total calorie and net carb values.


  • Cut Da Carb flatbread: A versatile flatbread that makes a great low carb pie pocket crust. 
  • Green apples (Granny Smith Apples): These sour green apples add a yummy tart contrast to the sweet pie.
  • Butter: Gives rich flavoring to the keto apple pie filling.
  • Brown sugar erythritol: I used Swerve’s brown sugar replacement.
  • Monkfruit sweetener: Sugar free sweetener.
  • Nutmeg: Brings out the great cinnamon taste of the pie.
  • Cinnamon powder: A must-have ingredient in any apple pie recipe.
  • Vanilla extract: Sweetens the low carb pie recipe with out adding sugar.
  • Cornstarch: A little bit of cornstarch thickens our apple pie filling.
  • Avocado oil: The heart healthy oil we use to deep fry our apple pies.

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